OnePlus 2 isnt getting Nougat and thats final officially

OnePlus 2 isnt getting Nougat and thats final officially

first_imgStory TimelineOnePlus 3T dicontinued, most likely because of OnePlus 5OnePlus 2 will no longer receive updatesOnePlus 5 has a lot to prove in next week’s launchOnePlus 5 isn’t much of a secret anymore thanks to OnePlus OnePlus is piling up the teasers to the OnePlus 5 coming next week. It is also piling up the questions and accusations it has to answer for the next time it makes a big pubic splash. Because while it will be putting out its latest and greatest, it will be prematurely putting to pasture a perfectly serviceable one. This is probably as official as we can get it (in)directly from OnePlus, confirming that the OnePlus 2 won’t be getting software updates anymore and that, in fact, this isn’t new to customers. OnePlus claims that customer service has actually been telling users that for quite a while and so they should already know about it. Judging by such users’ surprise and indignation, that might not be an accurate assessment of the situation. OnePlus has never made an official statement regarding the matter, which would go a long way towards closure.Complicating matters is that OnePlus, mostly through that same customer service channel, did promise Android Nougat for the barely two-year old OnePlus 2. The startup defends this U-turn by saying that, back then, which was barely a year ago, it didn’t have the software infrastructure team to make true that promise. This refers to the period when OnePlus was still struggling to recover from its messy parting of ways with Cyanogen and its creation of its homebrew Hydrogen and Oxygen OS.As OnePlus will probably soon learn, knowledge and acceptance are two different things, and customers might not be so easy to accept the matter. If they did, they would be giving OnePlus the precedent to make promises, only to backtrack on them by saying they didn’t have the team or capability they had back then. That’s not even considering the position that the OnePlus 2 is well within its life time to receive Nougat in the first place.The one thing OnePlus has going for it is that the OnePlus 5 could effectively distract consumers from issues with the OnePlus 2 and OnePlus 3T. Aside from having top of the line specs, the OnePlus 5 will also be the company’s first dual camera smartphone, which comes with yet another promise of improved photography capabilities. That is, if it gets past scrutiny of how much it looks like an iPhone 7 Plus.VIA: Android Authoritylast_img read more

BlackBerry promises 2 new phones plus Motion US launch details

first_imgInside, there’s now dual SIM support. BlackBerry is pitching the Bronze Edition at frequent travelers or corporate users who might want to keep two SIM cards active at the same time. If you’re based in the US, though, you’ll need to do some travel in order to find one. BlackBerry says that the KEYone Bronze Edition will only be sold in select markets in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, with pricing to be confirmed closer to release. AdChoices广告Meanwhile, the BlackBerry Motion is headed to the US. Sold as an unlocked, SIM-free device, it’ll be arriving on the market come January 12, through Amazon and Best Buy online. Priced at $449.99, you get a 5.5-inch Full HD display, 4,000 mAh battery, and Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 support. Out of the box it runs Android 7.1 Nougat, but BlackBerry promises that the Motion will see an Android Oreo update later in the year. What BlackBerry enthusiasts will be on tenterhooks waiting for, of course, is the company’s new and previously-unseen devices. There are two on the roadmap, the phone-maker says – indeed, it points out that “customers can expect to see at least two new BlackBerry smartphones” – though full details are still in short supply. We’ll know more later in 2018. 2018 should be a busy year for BlackBerry, with with the company promising two new smartphones in addition to at least one new special-edition. The phone-maker, now owned by TCL, is playing details of the upcoming range refresh close to its chest, but we do now a few tidbits at the very least. Firs toff, there’s a brand new variant of the BlackBerry KEYone, the Android powered smartphone that has proven to be one of BlackBerry’s most popular devices. That’s getting a BlackBerry KEYone Bronze Edition, complete with a fetching matte bronze finish. However, there’s more to it than just a new color.center_img Story TimelineBlackBerry KEYone Review: With QWERTY comes compromiseBlackBerry KEYone Black Edition launches globally: Hands-onBlackBerry PRIV reaches end of life, no more monthly updateslast_img read more

Instagram audio and video calls may put even more pressure on Snapchat

first_imgInstagram has been playing the long game for Snapchat’s users, and one of the way it’s been doing that is by implementing features that Snapchat already offers. Of course, merely repurposing Snapchat features isn’t enough, as Instagram has to try doing them better than Snapchat as well. The next feature on the list could be a big one, as it looks like Instagram is winding up to launch video and audio calling. These are two things that have been a core part of the Snapchat app for years now, so it’s somewhat surprising that Instagram seems just be getting to them now. In any case, the evidence we have for such a launch comes from the APKs for both Instagram and Instagram Direct. Hiding within those APKs is a series of files and icons for both video and audio calls.The files were unearthed by TechCrunch reader Ishan Agarwal, and there are four different app icons for each type of call Instagram plans to implement. While APK files aren’t rock-solid proof that a new feature is on the way, they’re probably the best evidence we’ve seen of Instagram’s calling ambitions thus far. Instagram, for its part, wouldn’t comment on the find when questioned by TechCrunch, which is to be expected when it comes to inquiries about unannounced features.Even with Instagram’s silence, it seems safe to assume that audio and video calling are on deck for both Instagram Direct and Instagram proper. This isn’t the first time calling capabilities have been rumored for Instagram, either – back at the end of January, we heard as much in a similar rumor, so it looks like we may be closing in on an official announcement.AdChoices广告When that announcement will ultimately arrive is, of course, anyone’s guess. This might actually be something for Snapchat to be worried about, because seeing Instagram transforming into a communications platform could very well wipe away one of the few edges Snapchat has remaining. We’ll keep an ear to the ground for more details, so stay tuned. Story TimelineInstagram Regram feature makes it easy to share public contentYour days of Instagram creeping may soon be overSnapchat Stories just copied an Instagram idea (for once)last_img read more

AIpowered Google News available now on iPhone iPad

first_imgThe timing couldn’t be more perfect or worse, depending on which side you’re on. Apple has recently been seen as stepping up its News efforts with new hires and partnerships. Then comes along Google News with its promise of better news cooked using Google’s favorite ingredients: AI and you.Many news apps and services advertise some form of machine learning feature that will customize news suggestions as you go along. Google’s offer is, of course, different in one important way: it already knows a whole lot about you. The moment you start the app for the first time, Google News uses that treasure chest of your data to fine-tune its news suggestions and headlines to your interests. Of course, you can tweak those as you use the app by saying which ones you like or don’t and hiding items for certain sources.The iOS version Google News, which replaces Google Play Newsstand (and even uses the same URL) works and looks pretty much the same way as the Android version. It wears Google’s new Material Design v2 style and has very few hidden options to change. On the iPad, Google News simply makes use of the larger screen real estate by presenting some, but not all, news in two columns. Other than that, though, it’s pretty much a giant-sized iPhone app.AdChoices广告 With the promise of AI-curated content naturally comes the problem of privacy. To some, especially Apple fans, Google is just a few steps shy of being like Facebook. Maybe even worse than the embattled social network giant. This still gives Apple plenty of opportunities, not to mention ammo, to establish its Apple News as the safe way to get curated news. At least for Apple users only. If there were still any doubt that Google is head over heels in love with AI and machine learning, one need only look at last week’s Google I/O. Everything has a smidgen or truckload of AI tacked on top. That is true for even something that may seem as mundane as news. Retiring its much-ignored Newsstand app and service, Google launched its new News app whose selection of stories are largely driven by two things: AI and what data Google has on you. And now that same Google News is available on iOS, ready to take on Apple News with some artificial smarts.last_img read more

If Facebook just logged you out dont log back in again

Story TimelineFacebook is secretly rating users’ trustworthinessWill we ever trust a Facebook smart display?Instagram co-founders resign, magnifying Facebook doubts The irony that it’s the “View As” tool – specifically designed to give users more visibility as to what exactly they’re sharing and who can see it – which was compromised by attackers is, I suspect, something Facebook engineers aren’t quite ready to laugh about yet. The social network itself was responsible for the loophole, inadvertently creating it last year with changes to its video upload system. Now it’s been fixed, and an investigation begun, but the damage may already be done. For Facebook users, the first signs of something amiss will probably be when you try to access the social network today. Facebook has reset the access tokens – the way by which you’re “remembered” by the site on a device, and thus don’t have to log in every time – of 90 million people, and so they’re going to have to scratch their heads and try to recall their password. The promise is also that there’ll be a notification explaining what went wrong and what Facebook is doing. “After they have logged back in, people will get a notification at the top of their News Feed explaining what happened,” Guy Rosen, VP of Product Management at Facebook, said today. We’ve heard at least one report of someone needing to log back in and not seeing that message, however, though it’s unclear whether they were logged out because of this particular attack or for another reason. Talk about bad timing…The hack – or “security issue” as Facebook would rather describe it – couldn’t really come at a worse time for the site. A federal probe potentially including the FBI, SEC, FTC, and DOJ is reportedly underway in the US, examining how Facebook handled private data that was used by Cambridge Analytica to allegedly help sway voters in the 2016 US Presidential election. Some politicians are already calling for new regulations to be applied.Just this week, meanwhile, it was revealed that Facebook has been using the cellphone number people signed up to two-factor authentication (2FA) with for advertising purposes. Another investigation showed just how one Facebook user could inadvertently be allowing all of their friends’ data to be tapped for adverts too. I can’t help but think that this is all a strong hint that it might be time to cool off our relationship with Facebook. Hacks happen, certainly: wherever there’s a sizable cache of user data, there’ll be a group of people eager to get their hands on it however they can. That, though, combined with the mercenary way the site deals with information shared with advertisers, though, is an altogether tougher thing to stomach.Maybe it’s time to goMORE How to delete your FacebookI’ve been weaning myself of Facebook over the past twelve months, though I haven’t gone quite so far as to delete my account altogether. Facebook itself, ironically, has done the most to encourage my reduced use. The sluggish iOS app and the interminable time it takes for the timeline to load every time I try to access it on my iPhone means often I end up exiting before any new posts show up. I can’t say I particularly feel like I’m missing out on anything, either. Scrolling through the timeline was increasingly feeling like wading through a bad vision of the mall of the future in a science-fiction movie, all attention-grabbing adverts and videos shouting my name and getting in the way of the reason I was actually there. Meanwhile, Facebook’s increasingly thirsty notifications remind me of friends’ birthdays and anything especially popular. It’s up to you whether you publicly announce your decision to abandon Facebook, or just allow it to fade away from your daily routine, as I have. Maybe I’m missing out on hearing every little update in my friends and family’s life, but in the grand balance of things I think I’m okay to compromise on that. And, while I wasn’t in the 90-million-strong group of people given an untimely reminder of just how much they share through Facebook in this current hack, I almost feel a little disappointed not to have been given the nudge to just stay logged out that they’ve received today. Facebook has logged 50 million users out of their compromised accounts today, along with 40 million more as a precaution, and frankly you might want to just not bother logging back in again. This latest forced detox from the increasingly controversial social network comes as Facebook admits a security glitch in one of its profile privacy features could’ve allowed hackers to gain access to the accounts of millions. read more

One Dodge Dealership buys 99 of 2017 Viper production run

first_imgOne of the coolest cars that an American automaker has ever built is the Dodge Viper. This car has been brutally impractical since the day it first rolled onto the scene decades ago and we love it for that fact. The latest version of the Viper is very impressive and the 2016 Viper ACR with its massive aero holding a slew of track records around the country. 2017 will be the end of the road for the Viper and one dealership has bought up almost the entire production run of 2017 Viper cars. That dealership is Gerry Wood Dodge. The cynic in most of us might assume that the reason the dealership purchased 99% of the 2017 Viper production run might be to gouge buyers on the price.After all, if you want the last version of the Viper, you will end up having to buy at Gerry Wood Dodge since they have the last 135 Vipers being made. However, the dealership is quick to point out that it doesn’t mark up cars over MSRP. That means you won’t get any discounts on your final Viper, but you won’t pay thousands in markups either.To make things even cooler, the dealership put together a team of folks to go through the 8,000 color choices available for Viper shoppers and put together some very cool and exclusive color combinations. That means that while these final 135 units aren’t the special limited edition cars that sold out very early on, they will be rare in their own right with a bit of limited-edition status. Gerry Wood Dodge says that it bought up the 135-unit production run simply to be sure the cars were built.AdChoices广告SOURCE: MotorAuthoritylast_img read more

Ford cancels 16b Mexico plant will invest 700m in Michigan plant instead

first_imgTo get a little more specific, Ford will use that $700 million to create its new Manufacturing Innovation Center at the Flat Rock plant. It’s here that Ford will produce the new electric SUV announced today, along with the autonomous vehicles destined for ride sharing. The new Mustang and Lincoln Continental will also be produced here, so the Flat Rock plant will see a lot of action as we close in on 2020.Ford says that this move will create 700 “new direct jobs” in Michigan. However, attention isn’t being shifted away from Mexico entirely, as Ford also announced plans to produce the next-generation Focus at an existing plant in Hermosillo, Mexico. This will supposedly have a positive effect here in the US, though, as Ford says it will allow its Wayne, Michigan plant – which currently produces the Focus – to manufacture “two new iconic products.”It wasn’t long before Michigan’s government released a statement about Ford’s decision to invest more money into its Flat Rock plant. “We are seeing the drive toward the next chapter of the state’s legendary automotive history shift into a higher gear with Ford’s announcement,” said Michigan Governor Rick Snyder. “In the next decade, Michigan will lead the world in reimagining transportation with the acceleration of next generation advanced technologies,” Snyder continued. “We are excited that Ford has chosen Michigan as its innovative home for their fully electric and autonomous hybrid vehicles. Thank you, Ford, for your continued confidence in our state and our people.”Ford’s decision to cancel the San Luis Potosi plant doesn’t seem to be the product of any political pressure. As spotted by Nick Bunkley of Automotive News, Ford CEO Mark Fields reportedly told CNBC that this was a cost cutting measure, not a political move. “It became very clear that we didn’t need this plant,” Fields told CNBC.We’ll likely hear more about Ford’s plans for its Flat Rock plant in the coming weeks and months, so stay tuned here for more. In the meantime, be sure to have a look at all of our CES 2017 coverage for more from the show – including details on all of the electric vehicles Ford announced today.SOURCE: Ford On top of revealing a slew of new electric vehicles today, Ford also made a rather major announcement in that it will be cancelling plans to build a new plant in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. That planet was expected to cost $1.6 billion, but with that money now freed up, Ford will be investing some of it back here in the US. $700 million of that cash will go toward improving its Flat Rock, Michigan plant over the next four years, which is a significant investment.last_img read more

Nest responds to home security hack reports

first_imgStory TimelineNest’s big outage shows the IoT has a downsideGoogle Assistant now talks with Nest x Yale Lock, smart security systemsNest Secure Google Assistant update makes Guard a smart speaker Nest has responded to recent reports of a security breach, contacting owners of devices like the Nest Cam IQ and Nest Secure to insist that there has been no grand hack of the company. The outreach comes after claims that a US family found their Nest security system had been remotely accessed, and the speaker used to taunt the home’s occupants with racist obscenities. The incident took place in Illinois, where a family of Nest users heard a stranger’s voice talking in their baby’s room. While they initially concluded that was just baby monitor interference, the voice then spoke through other Nest cameras in the home, including making racist remarks. It’s also alleged that the virtual intruder remotely turned up their Nest thermostat. When the family contacted Nest, they say they were blamed for not having used sufficient security. “And then they said, ‘Well, you should have used a unique password and two-factor authentication, and if you did, you know, that would be that,” father Arjun Sud told CBS.Now, Nest is trying to set the record straight. Rishi Chandra, VP and General Manager of Home and Nest products, has sent out a mass email to people with registered Nest accounts, putting forward the company’s side of things. That includes dismissing reports that Nest’s system was hacked into. AdChoices广告“In recent weeks, we’ve heard from people experiencing issues with their Nest devices,” Chandra writes. “We’re reaching out to assure you that Nest security has not been breached or compromised.”In fact, Chandra says, it’s a case of reused passwords that is to blame here. “For context, even though Nest was not breached, customers may be vulnerable because their email addresses and passwords are freely available on the internet,” he writes. “If a website is compromised, it’s possible for someone to gain access to user email addresses and passwords, and from there, gain access to any accounts that use the same login credentials.”Although he doesn’t refer to the Sud case specifically, the implication from Chandra is that the family reused a password from another service for their Nest account. That password was then compromised by another hack, unrelated to Nest. However the hacker was able to access the Nest system because the credentials were the same. Nest, Chandra points out, does monitor credential leaks, and proactively disables access to accounts where it’s possible the security has been compromised. When users set up passwords, meanwhile, it also checks them against a list of those known to be exposed. Nest’s 2-step verification, meanwhile, also gets flagged in the email: that way, even if a hacker has your Nest account details, they’d also need access to your authenticator app or SMS to perform the second step of the login process. Nest added 2-factor security in a 2017 update.While the explanation is unlike to leave the Sud family any more relieved, it does underscore the potential ramifications of password leaks when services are compromised. That’s all the more concerning when it comes to things like Nest or other security systems, where unauthorized access to cameras could give hackers a secret glimpse into the home without the occupants ever knowing it was happening. As ever, the advice is to use a separate, unique, and strong password every time, and take advantage of all the security features like 2-step authentication when offered.last_img read more

NYPD wants Waze GPS app to stop revealing DWI checkpoints

first_imgStory TimelineWaze Carpool feature goes live for all users in the USWaze Audio Player beta arrives with Pandora, Spotify, Stitcher and moreWaze Beacons keep drivers connected in NYC traffic tunnels Navigation app Waze is popular in part because of the extra information it provides to drivers, namely alerts about upcoming wrecks, traffic conditions, speed traps, and checkpoints. The latter two alert types have caused friction with law enforcement officials who, in some past instances, have attempted to feed fake alerts to dilute the real warnings. In the latest example of contention over the feature, the New York Police Department has sent Google a cease-and-desist letter. Google purchased Waze in 2013; it has remained a popular navigation app offering for drivers who benefit from the user-reported information. In a cease-and-desist letter, the NYPD demanded that Google remove the DWI checkpoint warning feature, at least from maps that cover New York City.“Accordingly, we demand that Google LLC, upon receipt of this letter, immediately remove this function from the Waze application,” the letter reads.The NYPD expresses concerns over the feature’s alleged potential to help individuals engage in “criminal conduct,” and that the alerts may interfere with the city’s ability to catch people breaking the law. The letter goes on to call the feature “irresponsible,” claiming that it “only serves to aid impaired and intoxicated drivers to evade checkpoints and encourages reckless driving.”Despite past law enforcement ire at the features, Google recently proceeded with adding speed camera alerts to Google Maps, giving drivers a warning if they were approaching a speed camera. Some users began seeing this feature arrive in mid-January, but many people have received access to the feature in the last week.last_img read more

Canon IVY CLIQ instant camera printers focus on fun not fine art

first_imgInstead, you get an 8-megapixel sensor that’s surrounded by an LED light ring for better-lit selfies. The latter can illuminate either four or eight of its LEDs, depending on how dark the situation is. There’s no display, mind, only an optical viewfinder to frame your shot. AdChoices广告However Canon includes Bluetooth, via which the CLIQ+ Instant Camera Printer can wirelessly connect to your phone. Then, using the Canon Mini Print app, you can use the remote shooting option for staging group pictures. The app is also where you apply filters, frames, and text if you prefer.Or, you can just hit print on the camera itself, and have the image emerge from the side. Canon is using ZINK Zero Ink printer technology, like other cameras and photo printers in the category, and the IVY CLIQ+ can hold up to ten sheets of the special paper. There’s a choice of 2×2 and 2×3 printing options to put multiple frames on one print, and reprint button to make a second copy, and a microSD card slot to keep backups of the digital versions for later use. Canon IVY CLIQ Instant Camera PrinterThe IVY CLIQ does away with even more of the complexity, and targets the photographer who really misses their old Polaroid instant camera. Unlike the CLIQ+ there’s no Bluetooth and app compatibility. Instead you just take a photo and have it print out, though you do still get the microSD slot for a digital backup. As with the CLIQ+ there’s the option of 2×2 and 2×3 layouts. There’s also a selfie mirror for better framing, since like the CLIQ+ there’s no display, either. Both cameras have a USB connection for charging, and the CLIQ can also hold up to 10 sheets of the ZINK paper. Canon IVY CLIQ+ Instant Camera PrinterThe IVY CLIQ+ takes care both of capturing the photo and then making a physical copy. As digital cameras go, it’s definitely on the “simple and fun” end of the spectrum; it probably won’t replace your Canon EOS DSLR. However that’s really not the point. Digital photos and cloud storage are great, but if you’re looking for something to put up on the refrigerator door then the new Canon IVY camera and photo printer combos could be just as useful as an unlimited Google Photos subscription. The new Canon IVY CLIQ+ Instant Camera Printer and CLIQ Instant Camera Printer follow the company’s first-generation IVY portable printers. center_img Pricing and availabilityThe IVY CLIQ+ Instant Camera Printer + App is set to go on sale in April, and will be priced at $159.99. As for the IVY CLIQ, that will be $99.99 and arrive on shelves at the same time. Each camera will come with a starter pack of 10 sheets of the 2×3 photo paper. Subsequent ZINK paper is priced at around $9.98 for 20 sheets.last_img read more

Tesla revives Referral Program with car giveaways Supercharger perk

first_imgTesla has announced a new Referral Program that rewards customers who recommend the company to their friends…assuming that recommendation results in a vehicle purchase, of course. The company explains that its previous Referral Program was popular but pricey, and so it is back with a new version, one that offers exclusive perks for existing customers without the same ‘significant costs’ for Tesla. Tesla killed off its original Referral Program on February 1 of this year, news that came amid the company’s larger cost reduction efforts. The original program had been available since 2015 and had the effect of turning existing Tesla customers into company evangelists. In exchange for earning the company a sale, Tesla offered the customer perks.The Referral Program has returned, but in a different form. This time around, existing Tesla customers who refer a friend (who then proceeds to purchase a Tesla vehicle) will receive 1,000 miles of free charging on the Supercharger network.In addition, Tesla vehicle owners who successfully refer a new customer will be given the chance to win a Founder’s Series Model Y monthly, as well as a Founder’s series Roadster every quarter. The Roadster reward vehicles are signed by Elon Musk and Franz von Holzhausen.AdChoices广告For Tesla vehicle owners who already have unlimited Supercharging, the company will instead given them two chances to win the aforementioned vehicles per referral. The rewards require the new customer to use the vehicle owner’s referral code when they purchase their own car, however. Story TimelineTesla Model Y: 5 things to know as the unveil dust settlesTesla Model 3 mid range battery pack option axedTesla delays its March price increaselast_img read more

From Nightmarish Scenarios To Inspirational Moments Experts Share Stories About Quality Of

first_img This is part of the KHN Morning Briefing, a summary of health policy coverage from major news organizations. Sign up for an email subscription. Modern Healthcare: No One Is Free From Harm: Quality And Safety Stories From Healthcare Industry Experts Many people have harrowing stories to tell about their encounters with the U.S. healthcare system, involving issues of quality, safety or cost. That’s particularly true for physicians and other healthcare insiders, who can spot problems that a layman might miss.“Every health policy person, especially doctors, has a story or multiple stories to tell,” says Dr. Robert Berenson, a fellow at the Urban Institute and former member of the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission. (Meyer, 3/24) center_img From Nightmarish Scenarios To Inspirational Moments: Experts Share Stories About Quality Of Care In U.S. System The experts talk with Modern Healthcare about the quality and safety of patient care in the country. “Are we better? Yeah, no question,” said Dr. Brent James, former chief quality officer at Intermountain Healthcare. “Are we as good as we can be? Not nearly.”last_img read more

The Android Q Beta is coming to way more phones − is

first_imgGoogle has announced that the Android Q Beta 3 will be available on 21 different devices. Find out if your smartphone could be one of them, so you can be one of the first to try it out.At Google I/O on May 7 it was announced that the Beta 3 of Android Q will be available on 21 different devices across 13 different manufacturers (including all phones in the Pixel series).Those 13 brands include giants such as Sony and Huawei. Here is the full list of compatible smartphones:Asus Zenfone 5zEssential PH-1Nokia 8.1Huawei Mate 20 ProLG G8OnePlus 6TOppo RenoRealme 3 ProSony Xperia XZ3Tecno Spark 3 ProVivo X27Vivo NEX SVivo NEX AXiaomi Mi 9Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 5GAndroid Q is the 10th iteration of Google’s ubiquitous operating system, which has 2.5 billion users worldwide. Here are some of the great new features confirmed to be a part of the software package:Dark Theme: This new black-and-grey colour scheme will save energy on AMOLED screens, as well as being more pleasant to look at in darknessLive Caption (even in Airplane Mode): This mode will significantly increase accessibility of media across different platformsFocus Mode: In order to guard against distractions, you can use this mode to make selected apps temporarily inaccessibleFamily Link (on every device): Now all Android Q devices will permit parents to set time limits on apps – but fortunately a new option allows you to give kids ‘just five more minutes!’ Show More Unlike other sites, we thoroughly review everything we recommend, using industry standard tests to evaluate products. We’ll always tell you what we find. We may get a commission if you buy via our price links.Tell us what you think – email the Editor Sign up for the Mobile NewsletterSign Up Please keep me up to date with special offers and news from Goodtoknow and other brands operated by TI Media Limited via email. You can unsubscribe at any time. In addition to the new features, Google was keen to stress its security credentials. It boasted that Android has the highest possible rating in 26 of 30 categories in Gartner’s most recent security report. Android is also the most widely-deployed security and anti-walware system, with Google Play Protect scanning 50 billion apps every day.Will you download the latest beta version Android Q? Let us know on Twitter: @TrustedReviewscenter_img This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. We’d also like to send you special offers and news just by email from other carefully selected companies we think you might like. Your personal details will not be shared with those companies – we send the emails and you can unsubscribe at any time. Please tick here if you are happy to receive these messages.By submitting your information, you agree to the Terms & Conditions and Privacy & Cookies Policy.last_img read more

Tysons answer to fake meat craze halfpea halfbeef burger

first_img More Aiming to satisfy demands of the so-called flexitarians, Tyson half-plant half-beef burger will have “fewer calories and less saturated fat” than other pure plant-based burgers, the company says. A Beyond Meat burger, above.Getty Images Email Facebook 2 Comments Lydia Mulvany and Leslie Patton Tyson’s answer to fake meat craze: half-pea, half-beef burger The offerings expected to be ‘billion-dollar brand’ leading the space: CEO Tyson will be able to bring the products to market from the development stage in under a year, and the company didn’t need to make extra investments to produce them, said Justin Whitmore, chief sustainability officer and head of alternative protein.Whitmore declined to comment on price points, the size of investments, or provide any details on customers. The new products are coming to several major retailers where consumers regularly shop, he said. The blended burger and sausages are a noticeable shift away from that of the company’s purist vegan rivals, namely the Beyond and Impossible Burgers.“We’re bringing forward an entire set of offerings across brands and channels that satisfy how consumers are eating today rather than one approach,” he said.Tyson is making a health pitch as well with its new products. The hybrid burgers made of Angus beef and pea-protein isolate have fewer calories and less saturated fat than other pure plant-based burgers on the market, Whitmore said.The move also fits into the sustainability goals for the giant producer of beef, a protein that has long weathered attacks from environmentalists that say the industry contributes heavily to greenhouse gas emissions. Tyson recently pledged to reduce emissions by 30 per cent by 2030.“We care deeply about all proteins and what it takes to be as efficient as possible,” Whitmore said. “This fits in with our total story.” Share this storyTyson’s answer to fake meat craze: half-pea, half-beef burger Tumblr Pinterest Google+ LinkedIn Tyson Foods Inc., the biggest U.S. meat processor, wants in on the veggie protein market that’s hot with consumers and investors alike.The meat giant is aiming to satisfy demands of the so-called flexitarians, a rapidly growing segment of people who eat meat but are cutting back and adding more vegetable-based protein to their diets. Tyson’s solution: a half-pea-protein, half-Angus-beef burger.In what could be the biggest foray into the burgeoning alternative protein market this year, Tyson said it will debut the hybrid meat-plant patties and a series of other related products this year in grocery stores as well as restaurants. CEO Noel White said he expects the offerings will become a “billion-dollar brand” and that the company will be a leader in the space. Pulse of the nation: How Beyond Meat could turn this humble pea into Canada’s new gold Why Beyond Meat’s euphoric investors should heed the lessons of Tilray Inside the battle being waged over Beyond Meat’s push to be found in the grocery store meat aisle The company is joining the scrum of companies rushing headlong into meat alternatives after Beyond Meat Inc.’s sizzling initial public offering in May left them playing catch up. Tyson sold its stake in the latter company just before the stunning equity debut. Beyond Meat shares are up more than five-fold since they started trading.Tyson produces a fifth of the U.S.’s chicken, beef and pork. More than 60 per cent of consumers are actively adding protein to their diets, and 75 per cent are open to including both meat and plant-based proteins, according to Noelle O’Mara, chief marketing officer at Tyson. For plant-based proteins specifically, 40 per cent of consumers want more in their diet.“We’ve confirmed that alternative protein is growing and that it makes sense for us to be a part of it,” O’Mara said.Tyson’s beef/plant hybrid burger, sold under the brand Raised & Rooted, is expected to reach consumers in the fall. Other new products the company plans to offer include sausages and meatballs made of a chicken/plant blend under the Aidells Whole Blends brand. The meat producer is also introducing a pure plant-based chicken nugget substitute, which will come to market this summer.We’re bringing forward an entire set of offerings across brands and channels that satisfy how consumers are eating today rather than one approach.Justin Whitmore, chief sustainability officer and head of alternative protein, Tyson Foods Comment Reddit Join the conversation → Bloomberg News Twitter June 13, 201912:03 PM EDT Filed under News Retail & Marketing Recommended For YouMDA Awarded Canadian Government Contract to Deliver Search and Rescue Repeaters for SatellitesSingapore-based company is buying the biggest shipping container terminal in eastern CanadaInagene Diagnostics Inc. Announces New CEOPRECIOUS-Gold drops as bets fade for big Fed rate cut fade; eyes on trade talks’John Wick 3′ dethrones ‘Avengers: Endgame’ with $57 million last_img read more

WatchCanadas debt to GDP ratio Nerveracking to see debt servicing costs rising

first_img 37 Comments Larysa Harapyn Dawn Desjardins, RBC’s Deputy Chief Economist speaks with Financial Post’s Larysa Harapyn on Canada’s debt to GDP ratio — covering federal, corporate and household levels. Facebook Share this storyCanada’s debt to GDP ratio: ‘Nerve-racking to see debt servicing costs rising so quickly,’ RBC economist says Tumblr Pinterest Google+ LinkedIn Comment Email Canada’s debt to GDP ratio: ‘Nerve-racking to see debt servicing costs rising so quickly,’ RBC economist says Here’s what you need to know about Canada’s debt to GDP ratio — covering federal, corporate and household levels center_img Reddit Twitter More Recommended For YouEuro falls to one-week low as easing expectations favor dollarHow lithium-rich Chile botched a plan to attract battery makersRocky Mountain Dealerships Inc. to Release 2019 Second Quarter Results on July 31, 2019Amazon says it will cooperate with EU antitrust regulator probeEU antitrust regulators to investigate Amazon over merchant data Join the conversation → March 27, 20193:50 PM EDT Filed under News Economy last_img read more

Electrify America To Open First California Fast Charger In Torrance

first_img US Announces $4.5 Billion Available To Support EVs, 350 kW Charging, 500 Wh/kg Batteries Electrify America Launches Fleet Of EV On-Demand Cars The first California locations for Electrify America’s fast-charging stations are:Country Hill Shopping Plaza, 2965 Rolling Hills, Torrance, CA.Montebello Plaza, 2401 W. Via Campo, Montebello, CAWalmart Supercenter, 8465 Elk Grove Blvd., Elk Grove, CANovato Fair Shopping Center, 900 Diablo Ave., Novato, CALivermore-San Francisco Premium Outlets, 2774 Livermore Outlets Dr., Livermore, CAMadera-Walmart, 1077 W. Cleveland Ave., Madera, CALaguna, Village, 8785 Center Parkway, Sacramento, CALa Mirada, 14900 La Mirada Blvd., La Mirada, CAAmerica’s Best Value Inn, 3930 County Rd. 89, Dunnigan, CAThe charging cost is $1.00 per session, plus $0.30/min to $0.35/min with $0.40/min idle fee.“Through its Cycle 1 California ZEV Investment Plan, Electrify America is developing a network of electric vehicle charging stations along highly traveled highways and in six California metropolitan areas which include Fresno, Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco and San Jose. Target locations or “target zones” for each station were identified using Electrify America’s proprietary station siting methodology, which projected the locations where DC fast charging stations will be most needed by 2020.”“The planned network in California will consist of more than 600 DC fast charging dispensers at approximately 160 charging station sites. In addition, Electrify America will build approximately 1,500 charging stations featuring Level 2 chargers at workplaces and multiunit dwellings in its six metropolitan markets. The network will deploy cutting-edge technology to deliver customer-centric charging to consumers safely and conveniently, and it will connect California to the Electrify America national network connecting 42 other states.”Brendan Jones, chief operating officer of Electrify America said:“The Country Hills station in Torrance is a great first step as we start to quicken the pace of construction and make more stations available to the public. The fast chargers that we are installing have the capability to charge an EV up to 20 miles of range a minute to a vehicle. Providing this kind of range confidence can be a game-changer in accelerating ZEV adoption in the U.S.” Author Liberty Access TechnologiesPosted on November 14, 2018Categories Electric Vehicle News Electrify America Adds A “Locate A Charger” Map: See If It Works Here Almost 40 Electrify America stations were installed so far.Electrify America announced that it is opening its first ultra-fast charging station in California, located at the Country Hills Shopping Plaza in Torrance.In total, there will be 160 stations with 600 fast chargers in California and the first 9 are to be launched by the end of this year. The rest are coming by the end of June 2019.Electrify America news Source: Electric Vehicle Newslast_img read more

Golden Girls Shared Living on the Rise

first_imgby, Bonnie Moore, Guest BloggerTweetShare4ShareEmail4 Shares Bonnie Moore (left) and Victoria ClarksonIf you’re like me, you weren’t surprised to read about the recent Age Wave/Merrill Lynch study finding that two-thirds of retirees now say they are living in “the best home of their life.”I too am living in my dream home, but with a different cast of characters than I could have ever imagined. When a divorce left me living alone in newly remodeled 5-bedroom home in 2008, I searched for and found four roommates to fill the bedrooms.Now more than eight years later, my roommates have become an important part of my life. In addition to contributing rent that makes my mortgage affordable, we throw parties together, get to know one another’s friends, and help each other out.Golden Girls Living on the RiseI call it the Golden Girls (or Golden Guys) Lifestyle and it is shared housing for mature adults. In 2000, there were 820,000 households where single people ages 46 to 64 shared housing with non-relatives, according to Bowling Green State University’s Center for Family and Demographic Research. By 2013, that number had risen to 1,090,000.That’s right—roommates aren’t just for college students anymore! The shared living movement is being embraced across the country as an exciting aging-in-place option for baby boomers.People are looking for answers because housing cost are too high both for retirees and those of us who are still working. People are lonely when kids grow up and their spouse is no longer around. Many struggle financially. Shared living is a great solution.Finding the Right Roommate“Finding the right person” is at the top of the list when you decide to embark on this adventure. But, who is right for you? How do you know? Start with, “Who am I, and what is important to me?” When you know these answers, you know who you are looking for!Start by considering these common deal-breakers. Does she/he smoke? Is it OK with you if the person is an outside smoker? Will she/he bring a pet? Sometimes pets don’t like to move, and they let you know. Bringing in a new pet is a “two-fer!”Are there cultural or lifestyle differences that will become too difficult? I encourage diversity, but sometimes you can live next door to someone but not in the same house. For instance, are there significant differences in religious practices, eating habits, hobbies, political interests, working hours, and a bunch of other things that are important for a comfortable living situation? You have to decide what works for you, and then talk about it.Other Shared Living ConsiderationsAge Differences. Look for a roommate that is within ten years of your age, and don’t go beyond twenty years on either side. With too much of a difference, you will notice the age nuances and it will frustrate you!Cleanliness factors. Most women are accustomed to housework and will keep a place in good shape. Some women, however, really need things to be back in their places immediately, every spot wiped off the counter, and the floor swept daily. If this is you, find someone like you. If this is not you, same advice.Can you get along with his/her personality? Are you fairly assertive and outgoing? Are you quiet and bookish? How would you assess the personality of a potential roommate? Can you sense an “angry” factor beneath the surface? How would you assess the “honesty factor”?Interviewing a potential roommate is a lot like a job interview. He/she will tell you what you want to hear. It is your job to listen below the surface and hear danger signals. Trust your intuition. Selecting a good roommate takes patience, but it can be done. You also learn a great deal about yourself and you learn to develop assertiveness!Where to StartOnce you identify the factors that are important to you, start advertising and talking to your friends. Print up a flyer and pass it out at your church or community groups. Develop a listing for some of the major roommate sites, including Golden Girls Network, and keep talking about it! Don’t be afraid to interview a number of people before making a decision.Most of all, start developing your written house agreements and a written lease. Even if you decide to rent on a month-to-month basis, you need it in writing. Don’t take anything for granted…get those details down in writing. Be positive and forthright, and decide what is important to you.Related PostsBlanchard WinsDaysThe Golden Girls Revisited In tribute to the recent passing of Bea Arthur, star of the TV sitcom The Golden Girls, I wanted to share the growing phenomenon of “Golden Girls” inspired homes — women connecting with other women to share a home and “age in community.” I first noticed…What the Heck is Co-housing?: 3 Reasons to Consider Co-housingIf I Could Just Go Back… Back in undergrad, Rams Commons was THE place to be. For those who weren’t fortunate enough to attend Winston-Salem State University (WSSU), Rams Commons is a co-ed dorm with suites. There were four bedrooms per suite, with a full-sized bed, closet, and desk in…Conscious Aging in Cohousing CommunityUnlike most cohousing communities, which can be costly, Sand River Cohousing in Santa Fe, N.M., offers many members a financially-sustainable lifestyle.TweetShare4ShareEmail4 SharesTags: Co-housing retirementlast_img read more

Eating raspberries improves function of cells lining blood vessels research shows

first_imgJun 8 2018New research led by Dr Ana Rodriguez-Mateos, School of Life Course Sciences, shows that eating red raspberries improves the function of the cells that line blood vessels.Endothelial cells form the interior lining of our blood and lymphatic vessels. They act as a barrier between the blood or lymph and the surrounding body tissue as well as playing key roles in blood clotting and regulating blood pressure amongst other things. Sometimes these cells stop working efficiently (called endothelial dysfunction) which is thought to be a significant factor in the development of cardiovascular disease.Related StoriesSubclinical cardiovascular disease linked to higher risk of falling in older adultsStress-related disorders increase risk of cardiovascular disease by 60%PET/CT imaging spots cardiovascular disease risk factors in OSA patientsDr Rodriguez-Mateos and her colleagues studied ten, healthy male volunteers aged 18-35 years. Participants were randomly given drinks containing no, 200g or 400g of raspberries. Researchers monitored chemicals in their blood and urine as well as their blood pressure and flow-mediated dilation (FMD) of the brachial artery: a measure of how the artery widens when blood flow increases.The results showed a significant increase in FMD for participants that drank raspberry-containing drinks. The effect lasted for at least 24 hours and there was also a correlating increase in the levels of urolithin metabolites found in their blood. These are produced by bacteria in the gut as ellagitannins, a chemical found in raspberries, are digested. Researchers believe that ellagitannins could therefore be beneficial to vascular health.If the change in FMD seen could be sustained for long enough, it would reduce a person’s risk of developing cardiovascular disease by up to 15%. Further studies are needed to establish whether these results translate into long-term health benefits in the general population and whether red raspberries and other foods rich in ellagitannins (such as strawberries, pomegranate or nuts) should be included as part of a healthy diet to help prevent cardiovascular disease.Speaking of the findings Dr Rodriguez-Mateos said: ‘Although more studies are needed to confirm our findings, we are very excited about the potential role of raspberries and ellagitannins in cardiovascular disease prevention. Following up on this study, we are now investigating the long-term benefits of ellagitannins in a larger group of healthy individuals and we are also looking at how our gut microbiota may have an impact on their health benefits.’ Source: read more

Researchers discover critical link in mapping recurrent mutations of melanoma

first_imgJul 6 2018A critical link in mapping recurrent mutations of melanoma — the most serious form of skin cancer in humans — has been discovered by researchers at Washington State University School of Molecular Biosciences, in collaboration with researchers at Georgia State University.In a paper published July 6 in Nature Communications, researchers established that DNA binding by a specific set of transcription factors, called ETS, is inherently mutagenic in UV-exposed cells. With new genome mapping technology, these findings provide a crucial understanding of mutations that result at ETS binding sites located in specific genes that are known to be drivers in the onset of melanoma in humans.WSU researchers have developed a next-generation sequencing-based technology that allows them to precisely map the locations of UV-induced DNA damage throughout the whole human genome. Using this advanced technology, they generated a high-resolution UV damage map in human cells. By correlating the UV damage map with melanoma mutations, they discovered significantly elevated UV damage levels at ETS binding sites, which massively increased mutation rates at the same sites in sequenced melanoma genomes.Related StoriesBacteria in the birth canal linked to lower risk of ovarian cancerLiving with advanced breast cancerUsing machine learning algorithm to accurately diagnose breast cancer”UV-induced DNA damage is the major risk factor for melanoma, and DNA repair is a vital first line of defense against DNA damage to prevent mutations and cancer,” stated Steven Roberts, assistant professor, WSU School of Molecular Biosciences, in WSU’s College of Veterinary Medicine. “These pivotal results establish a fundamental research tool in cancer research and confirms we are on the correct course to further discovery by mapping UV damage in human cells.”Researchers contributing to the paper include Roberts, Peng Mao, Alexander J. Brown, Michael J. Smerdon and John J. Wyrick, all from WSU’s School of Molecular Sciences; and Svetlana Lockwood, with the Paul G. Allen School for Global Animal Health; and Shingo Esaki and Gregory M. K. Poon, from Georgia State University’s Center for Diagnostics and Therapeutics.These results are the latest in a series of major findings over the past three decades that have established WSU as a leading research institution in this area of basic cancer research.Source: read more